I’m Sanjai Tripathi, from Corvallis, Oregon.  This website is to highlight my job-related skills and work, for your perusal.

In summary, I’m a startup enthusiast with expertise in management, writing, finance and marketing. Currently, I’m working as a freelance writer and business consultant. I’m a principal stakeholder in a couple of early technology based startups, and to pay my bills I do freelance writing business consulting. I love building companies and helping others do the same.

Use the navigation menus above and below to view different categories of information.

  • Learn about my skills, which include management, writing, finance and marketing.
  • Learn about my education and experience. I have too many degrees, and I’ve done a lot of different things in internships, extracurricular activities and real-life work experience.
  • Learn miscellaneous factoids about me, and see a picture of way too many geese in our neighborhood.

The image to the right is an approximation of what I look like.  I’m also available sans beard, by appointment. I can be reached at sanjait AT gmail DOT com (the clever code is to deter spam-bots). Thanks for visiting.

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